If you are the type of person who requires content warnings on works of literary fiction, then this is not the book for you. You should probably quit now, dust your hands, and be quite satisfied that you have not defiled your delicate constitution with the unrelenting eye-pollution contained in the following pages. 

The rest of you, consider yourself warned: this book is a work of catastrophically bad taste. It contains explicit content, colorful language, strong sexual situations, nudity, drug use, depression, racial and sexual epithets, misgendering, emotional abuse, violence, subversion of Christian iconography, an unfortunate incident involving a nun, and the unironic use of puns. 

1 Comments on “WARNING”

  1. Why did I get sent to a blocked blue screen/website when I clicked the title of this post…but can read and comment when I click on the comment icon?

    Your disclaimer sounds like my own…and silly. I will admit, though, that I AM the previously mentioned type who appreciates a bit of warning to content. I’ve foolishly read books and purchased videos I thought would be just fine…only to discover shocking and unpleasant content. I know; I’m a man-child.

    But, whyyy would you declare your own writing bad taste? Isn’t that just opinion? Surely, every author finds SOME reader(s) who respond positively to their writing…if for no other reason than they are mad, voracious readers who will read anything.

    AS for your warnings, I am sufficiently concerned. But, you have your reasons. I’d wager this “work” is closely tied to your own life story and some means of being your own therapist.

    I will read at my own risk…when it’s available.

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